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Gut Health, Tryptophan and Seratonin levels


Interesting clip about gut health in relation to mental health.


anniversary of the strange kind…..

Today 5 yrs ago my oldest was diagnosed with autism, and for some reason the whole April Fools Day/ Autism Awareness month was just one huge extra slap in my face during that moment. At the time I did NOT want to be a part of this club, it literally and physically broke me into pieces. So here we are 5 yrs later and while reflecting today I am amazed by the growth and peace that has come during those years. He is amazing and what he has done for my life and nothing short of remarkable. Thank you son for making me a better human. “If we don’t make sense to them, that is fine because we make sense to each other. It is not a tragedy, its not a sad story, it is not the movie of the week. Its my family” -Paul Collins author of “Not Even Wrong”