Summerizing Paleo


I have a good friend who is a popular local fitness instructor, who had also recently came over to the Paleo dark side. After months of asking me questions she would think about it then talk herself out of it because she felt it was just too hard to transition. FINALLY, she gave herself 2 weeks to be 100% dedicated to it and within those 2 weeks she felt so much more alive and energetic that now she can do nothing but speak praises of the lifestyle. Fast forward to tonight when she asked me to attend the first day of her summer boot camp session and talk to her class about the benefits of Paleo……but I had 10 min to do so. Needless to say I could see the look of repulsion as I talked about the benefits of fermented foods, organ meats, and other “high calorie” things like butter, lard and coconut oil. I looked around at these ladies and so many of them had this “sucked on a lemon” look that I found it comical and was actually laughing while trying to talk.


Granted this was a before (I grossed them out) picture LOL


 I should have realized that this quick intro to Paleo, something so huge as a complete lifestyle change, just cannot be summarized in 10 min by a chunky, no-named, non fitness guru girl. I was at the wrong venue.  My true testimony of the awesomeness of Paleo is the health and cognitive improvement of my children and with myself and the reduction and disappearance of my auto-immune disorder symptoms.  I felt like the whole thing went over like a fart in church LOL.  Little did I know some of them were interested and 3 ladies actually came up to me later to ask more questions and find out information about local resources. The fact that I was imperfect, a busy working Mom who did not look like a Greek goddess made them feel more comfortable asking. It was a great learning experience I had tonight and I am excited that I was given the chance to share information on something that is going to help people get healthy without the premise of having to sell a product or shake, or having to “wrap” sticker things on their body to make it skinny which supposedly makes it healthier or that starvation and 4 hrs at the gym is the only way to achieve health.  Thanks again local fitness guru friend, I loved the experience.


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