Coming off my Paleo high, missing my tribe


As I mentioned before I recently returned from the most amazing weekend in Austin TX attending the Paleof(x) symposium. I had the chance to meet all my literary and blogging heroes such as Dr. Cate Shanahan author of Deep Nutrition, Nora Gedgaudas author of Primal Mind, Primal Body, Robb Wolf pioneer and author of Paleo Solution, bloggers such as George the Civilized Caveman and Juli from PaleOMG plus many, many more AMAZING guest speakers (Nom Nom Paleo, Darryl Edwards, I could go on and on-check the list) and extra AMAZING attendees just like me. When I say just like me, I mean LITERALLY just. like. me. They are not perfect. They are broken but in the process of healing, they were once sick and now heading into vitality,  not drop dead gorgeous having the bodies of Greek Gods and Goddess but instead dare I say “normal”, in every shape and size. I absolutely loved being able to discuss brewing kombucha, organ meat recipes, where to buy grass feed meats, taking shots of olive oil, learning recipes on how  to make my own bacon, difference between bison and a beefalo, functional exercises that are really child like play that create an environment of team mentality and encouragement, deciding which is better straight ghee or the ghee/coconut oil blend and all the other conversations the general lay person would find strange. I felt as though I had found my long-lost tribe. I loved that these people appreciate the gift of life that they were giving and they are trying to make the best out of it for themselves, their family and anyone else who will listen. I loved the lectures, the dinners and the after parties. I loved the overall kindness,the freedom of information. I loved the openness of each person, their story and their journey to this point….I WAS IN LOVE WITH IT ALL……..and then I came home. Don’t get me wrong home is where my heart is, it is me, it is what my husband and I created for our family, but it was back to being the weird lady with the really restrictive diet and the weird way this family raises their kids. “No TV!?!”, “The kids have to do their own laundry!!”, “Why can’t they play video games?”, “Playing in the rain will give them ring worm”. “Put shoes on them they will get sick”. “Why can they only have a few pieces of candy?” “Lunchables (or gluten birthday cake, colored candy, sugar cereal, pop tarts, McDonald’s and so on) wont hurt them every once in a while, let them be kids”, “What is wrong with commercial laundry soap, dryer sheets, chemical cleaning products, air fresheners, and such?” and “kombucha is fermented EWWWWW”. I’m losing my high and it sucks………it sucks BAD. My tribe is gone and I’m back to walking upstream in a SAD (diet) creek. Come on Paleof(x) 2014 !!!


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    • A hybrid between a cow and a buffalo. I was under the impression that they were more docile of an animal and are easier to lead to the slaughter house. He explained that the bison/ buffalo do not need to be pinned they can just free range so I asked how to you round them up for slaughtering he said they shoot them with rifles. I found it to be a VERY interesting conversation and wished I could hang out with them during this team.

      • LOL, I love that – “how do you round them up?”, “I shoot them” 🙂
        I’ve tried buffalo sausages and hated them but would def give beefalo a try. Maybe the more docile the animal, the tastier the meat?! I sense a taste test in the near future!

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